In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He [Jesus Christ -Yeshua] was in the beginning with God.


Jesus had much to say when asked by His disciples about His second coming and the end of days. Jesus made it clear that no man knows the hour of His return. Only the Father knows the hour. As the son of man, Jesus was not given that knowledge to pass on to His disciples. However, as the Christ, He knows the hour because He and the Father are one in the same. They are one God with two personalities.

Jesus provided signs to look for regarding the end of days. The most evident today are false prophets, natural disasters in various places, and rampant wickedness. Our current world can be compared to the days of Noah. In those days, the intent of the thoughts of mankind was continuously evil (Genesis 6:5). There was total disregard for God and His ways. People were carrying on with their daily activities. Suddenly, the floods came and swept them away to destruction. Today, unrighteousness overwhelms us on all sides. Hollywood films and television make murder and adultery a sport to which we give high ratings. Legalization of homosexual marriage is gaining wider acceptance. Drug addiction and pornography are commonplace. Most sadly, children are being abused in horrifying numbers. Abortion on demand is murder that has been twisted into a freedom, a right of choice. Businesses need a horde of lawyers to execute an agreement when handshakes sufficed in the past. Corporations cook the books rather than inspecting and reconciling them. Executives unashamedly reward themselves outrageous bonuses after leading their companies into ruin. Sunday has become sports day instead of church day. The list goes on.

Second Timothy chapter 3 summarizes what society will be like in the last days. Today, you will find all of these traits in homes, schools, businesses and churches: lovers of self; lovers of money; boastful; proud; blasphemers; disobedient to parents; ungrateful; unholy; unloving; irreconcilable; slanderers; without self-control; brutal; haters of good; traitors; reckless; conceited; lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God; having a form of religion but denying its power. These ungodly behaviors have been around before but not as widespread as they are today. It will continue to get worse until Christ returns the second time to judge the nations for their sin of rejecting His Word, which cleanses us from sin.