In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He [Jesus Christ -Yeshua] was in the beginning with God.


In the book of Revelation, chapter 17, Christ reveals to the Apostle John the rise of a kingdom, which will be led by the Antichrist to make war against the Lamb (Christ) who is the Lord of lords, the King of kings. Both the kingdom and the Antichrist are described as beasts. The use of the words ‘kingdoms’ and ‘kings’ by the Old Testament prophets and the Apostle John was a reflection of the political systems of their times. The political systems of today are represented by nations with presidents and prime ministers.

An angel described the Antichrist as a seventh king who will rule over ten kings in a seventh kingdom. Seven kings are described by the angel as 'five who have fallen' (past tense), 'one who is' (present tense) and 'one who is yet to come' (future tense). Kings and kingdoms are in reference to the time and place of John's ministry. This identifies ‘the one who is’ as Domitian, Emperor of the Roman Empire. Bible scholars such as Newell and Govett identify the ‘five who have fallen’ as rulers of the Roman Empire prior to Domitian including Julius Caesar, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero. Although other rulers preceded Domitian, the five listed had something in common with Domitian – they were perverse, and they 'fell' as their rule ended prematurely by assassination or suicide. The Antichrist is the 'one who is yet to come'. He will be the seventh ruler who will rule the ‘revised’ Roman Empire, the seventh kingdom. Like the previous six kings before him, his rule will end prematurely when Christ returns to defeat him.

Daniel prophesied the rise of two European powers: the ‘ancient’ Roman Empire and the 'revised' Roman Empire. He described the 'ancient' Roman Empire as ‘the legs of iron with feet of iron and clay’, and the ‘revised’ Roman Empire as ‘the fourth beast’ - a terrifying, powerful and vicious kingdom. In one of his apocalyptic visions, Daniel saw a little horn [the Antichrist] rise up among ten horns and subdue three of them. In Revelation, John saw the little horn as a beast rising to power in the seventh kingdom [the 'revised' Roman Empire of a unified Europe]. The little horn is described as the eighth king [leader] of this seventh kingdom. The remaining seven horns [leaders] in this kingdom will give him authority. Daniel was so terrified by what he saw that he turned pale and kept the matter to himself.