In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He [Jesus Christ -Yeshua] was in the beginning with God.


Much is spoken about the harlot church in the Book of Revelation. It is known as the apostate church because it will represent the ultimate rejection of the gospel by the world, which is the falling away as described by the apostle Paul to the Thessalonians. It is important to understand that the true church reflects the teachings and doctrine of Jesus Christ, the Messiah. It is called the Christian church. Jews who follow these teachings and doctrine are known as Messianic Jews. Without the foundation laid by Christ, a religion is nothing more than a cult, an antichrist religion. Before the Millennium age is ushered in by Christ, all cult religions will be destroyed along with the harlot church for their rejection of the gospel.

A harlot is a prostitute. She is not faithful to one man and has many adulterous relationships. The same will be true of the church before the second coming of Christ. After the rapture of the true believers, the harlot church will be in its fullness of apostasy. The apostle John’s vision in Revelation regarding the seven churches represented the various conditions of the church during his time. The visions also represent the stages the church would go through during the age of grace, from Christ’s crucifixion to the rapture of the church. The Philadelphian church represents the true believers. The Laodicean church represents the harlot church, which exists today. It is an empty form of manmade tradition of organized, ritualistic Christianity. In John’s last vision of the churches, the Laodicean church was rebuked by Christ for being a lukewarm church. It is neither faithful to nor in denial of Christ. Consequently, it has no faith or trust in Him. It goes through the formality while denying the power of God.

Organized religion with a belief in God continues to play a large role in today’s society, but even the demons believe in God. Apostasy allows error, heresies and false doctrines to compromise the Truth. Today, fewer Christians believe the Word of God to be infallible, thereby rejecting the truth. The virgin birth, the resurrection, and other fundamental beliefs are being challenged by some mainstream denominational churches. The harlot church is rising to power and racing toward judgment.