In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He [Jesus Christ -Yeshua] was in the beginning with God.


The book of Ephesians is the fifth of Paul’s thirteen letters referred to as the Pauline epistles. Paul lived and ministered in Ephesus (ancient ruins near present day Selcuk, Turkey) for three years during his third missionary journey. He later wrote this epistle to the believers in Ephesus during his imprisonment in Rome AD 60-62.

It is apparent in Paul’s opening salutation that the saints in Ephesus were faithful to Jesus Christ, the Messiah. However, Paul saw a need to remind them of their position in Christ and their responsibilities as believers. It was important for them to understand that they were chosen by the Father and redeemed by the Son. Their salvation was sealed by faith in Christ and not by works so that no man can boast of his own accomplishments. As the result of their faith, they were made alive to God to do the good works for which He had called them. They were the workmanship of Christ for good works.

Upon our salvation through faith in Christ, God begins a miraculous work to transform us into new creatures to walk in good works. Today, as was in the time of the Galatians (see Paul’s letter to the Galatians), there exists unnecessary confusion regarding salvation and its relationship to faith and works. Faith brings salvation and salvation brings good works. Using an analogy of a locomotive and caboose, salvation is the locomotive that pulls the caboose of good works. Salvation determines the course of our good works; good works do not determine the course of our salvation. If the latter were true, we would boast of our own ability to save ourselves thereby making meaningless Christ’s death on the cross at Calvary. The truth is that we cannot save ourselves. Only Christ can save us and transform us to walk in good works. We are not to grieve the Holy Spirit as He sanctifies us to walk with God in truth and spirit.

Ephesians 1-3: Our relationship to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the new life; Jews and Gentiles

Ephesians 4-6: Unity in the body of Christ; Christ’s gifts; walking in the Spirit; the armor of God