In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He [Jesus Christ -Yeshua] was in the beginning with God.


The book of Hebrews is the first of the eight general epistles. The author of Hebrews and the place it was written are unknown. Although there are similarities in language and style to suggest Paul as the author, there are also sufficient dissimilarities that make it difficult to identify Paul as the author. The time of Hebrews is also difficult to pinpoint. However, because Timothy was still alive and no mention is made of the destruction of Jerusalem, the date of writing has been placed between AD 64 and AD 68.

Hebrews central theme emphasizes the priesthood of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, as being superior over the Judaic system. The exhortation to believers to remain steadfast and to mature in their faith in Christ was evidently directed to Jewish believers. The author articulated the superiority of Christ and His ministry over the former manner in which God spoke to their fathers through the prophets. Because of His deity, Christ is superior to the angles, to Moses, and to the Levitical priesthood. Believers were warned not to neglect their salvation spoken by the Lord or to harden their hearts toward Him. They were to mature in Christ and move toward perfection. Otherwise, they risked falling away and crucifying Him again to a point where they cannot be renewed again to repentance.

The author of Hebrew makes a comparison between the old and new covenants. The old covenant of tabernacle worship and sacrifices were earthly and temporary. In the new covenant, Christ came as High Priest with a tabernacle not made of this world. He entered the Holy Place once for all and shed His own blood for our eternal redemption. We are not to forsake Christ lest we forfeit our position in Him. We are to endure in our faith as was demonstrated in Hebrews by many before us. We are to continue in love.

Hebrews 1-4: Superiority of Christ; warning against hardened hearts; entering into God’s rest

Hebrews 5-9: Christ’s priesthood; maturing in Christ; the new and better covenant

Hebrews 10-13: Enduring in faith; examples of faith; warning against rejecting God; exhortation to love