In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He [Jesus Christ -Yeshua] was in the beginning with God.


The Book of Lamentation is the third of the five books of the Major Prophets in the Old Testament. It is the expression of Jeremiah’s lamentations over Jerusalem’s destruction by the Babylonians. In the book of Jeremiah, he warned Judah that God would judge the nation for its disobedience unless the people repented. He prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed and that Judah would fall into Babylonian captivity for seventy years. God demonstrated His love and patience by waiting forty years for repentance before finally bringing judgment

Lamentations was written shortly after Jerusalem’s destruction. It reflects the sorrowful passions of Jeremiah as he witnessed God’s righteous and holy judgment on Judah for her unrepentant sins. In the midst of his sorrows, Jeremiah knew in his heart that God is merciful and would restore His people in the future because of His new covenant with Israel. Jeremiah’s poetic requiem is divided into five elements: the desolation of Jerusalem, God’s righteous anger, Jeremiah’s hope for mercy, the besieged city of Jerusalem, and Jeremiah’s prayer for Israel’s restoration.

God’s judgment for unrighteousness and unrepentant disobedience also applies to the Gentile nations. Old Testament prophets foretold the second advent of the Messiah in which Jesus Christ will return to earth to restore Israel unto Himself for eternity and to judge the nations for their rejection of Christ.

Lamentations 1: The desolation of Jerusalem

Lamentations 2: The righteous wrath of God

Lamentations 3: Jeremiah’s hope and prayer for God’s mercy

Lamentations 4: The siege of Jerusalem

Lamentations 5: Jeremiah’s prayer for Israel’s restoration